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Infertility is viewed as an emotional or psychological trauma that can happen at any time, to any person. Its nature is such that it overwhelms one’s ability to cope, it is unexpected and  relentless. It creates feelings of powerlessness and helplessness.
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Tanya Rubin

Fertility Counsellor

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Many people experience this journey alone and feel isolated in the process.

Are you facing the challenges of fertility treatment?

Do you feel misunderstood, isolated, alone or afraid?

Would you find comfort in talking to someone who has been there?

Would it help talking to someone who has been through what you are dealing with on a daily basis?

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Discover Your Greatest Self.


Tanya is a registered Social Worker and Logotherapist who has more than 18 years infertility counselling experience, and aims to provide counselling to couples who are embarking on the journey of infertility. Tanya is passionate about providing emotional support to those going through the process.



Travelling the road of infertility can be lonely and scary, but it doesn’t need to be if it is shared with someone who knows what the journey is all about!




For emotional support and counselling contact Tanya:

082 600 1989 or






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